Ways To Remove Makeup

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Removing Makeup Removing Makeup Thoroughly Can Feel Like A Task But With These Effective Ways Not Anymore!

Baby Oil One Very Effective Way To Remove Makeup Is With The Use Of Baby Oil. Take A Cotton Pad And Apply A Few Drops Of Oil To It. Gently Wipe The Cotton Pad Over Your Eyes And Lips To Remove Makeup.

Petroleum Jelly Petroleum Jelly Is Another Great Method For Removing Make-Up Effectively. It Aids The Removal Of Make-Up And Is Safe To Use Near The Eyes.

Micellar Water Pump Micellar Water Onto A Cotton Ball Or Pad And Gently Swipe Or Dab The Makeup Away.

Choose Cotton Pads Always Use Flat Cotton Pads Over Balls Preferably With A Quilted Feel.

Coconut Oil There Are Many Benefits To This Wonder Ingredient. This Method Allows You To Remove Waterproof Makeup Without Any Other Products!

Daily Cleanser Massage The Cleanser Over Your Face For 15 Seconds Paying Special Attention To Your Hairline Under Your Chin And Around Your Ears To Thoroughly Cleanse The Makeup Off Your Face.

Steaming Fill A Container Halfway With Hot Water And Place Your Face Over It For A Minute Or Two. The Steam Will Open Your Pores And Allow The Cleanser To Enter Deeper Into The Skin To Remove Makeup And Dir