Tom Brady Jokes About Returning to the NFL


Retirement Redux: Tom Brady's Retirement Home for Quarterback – "I'm opening a retirement home for QBs - we'll call it 'The Brady Bunch.' Who's in?"

TB12's Comeback Countdown – "I've set a countdown clock on my phone. Retirement's nice, but touchdowns are nicer!"

A New Career Path? Tom Brady's Stand-Up Comedy Debut – "Considering stand-up comedy. My first joke? 'Why did the quarterback go to the bank? To get his QBs!'"

Brady's Audition for 'Dancing with the Stars' – "Thinking of joining 'Dancing with the Stars.' Can I score touchdowns with my dance moves?"

Brady's Retirement Plan B: Professional Fortnite Player – "Just realized I can throw virtual touchdown passes in Fortnite. Retirement Plan B, anyone?"

Tom Brady's jokes about returning to the NFL keep fans entertained, but for now, he's enjoying retirement!