The Best Yoga Moves for Amazing Abs

Plank Pose: Strengthen your core and tone your abs with the classic plank pose.

Boat Pose: Engage your abdominal muscles in Boat Pose for a strong core and better balance.

Bicycle Crunches: This yoga-inspired move targets obliques and rectus abdominis for a sculpted midsection.

Dolphin Plank: Elevate your core strength with Dolphin Plank, a variation of the traditional plank

Side Plank: Work on your oblique muscles and core stability with the Side Plank pose.

Downward Dog to Plank: Transition between Downward Dog and Plank for a dynamic core workout.

Camel Pose: Stretch and strengthen your abs with the backbend of the Camel Pose.

Cat-Cow Pose: Improve spinal flexibility and engage your core in this soothing yoga flow.