The Best Pilates Moves for a Flat Stomach

The Hundred: This classic Pilates move strengthens your core while improving your breathing and circulation through controlled arm pumps and leg holds.

Roll-Ups: Roll-ups target your upper and lower abs, helping you achieve a toned, flat stomach by engaging your entire core.

Plank Variations: Planks are exceptional for core stability, and Pilates offers various plank variations to work your abdominal muscles from all angles.

Single Leg Stretch: This move not only sculpts your abs but also enhances flexibility and balance, making it a great choice for a flat stomach.

Scissor Kick: Engage your lower abdominal muscles with scissor kicks, a powerful Pilates exercise for toning and defining your midsection.

The Teaser: The Teaser is an advanced move that challenges your core strength and control, ultimately leading to a flatter stomach.

Russian Twist: Incorporate this Pilates twist to target oblique muscles, helping you achieve a well-rounded, toned midsection.

Bicycle Crunch: Bicycle crunches enhance core endurance and sculpt your stomach while mimicking the movement of riding a bike.