Nail Art 101: Know The Basics

The Basics Of Nail Art Can Be Found Online

Nail Art Is A Creative Way To Decorate Your Nails

​Decorative It'S Done On Fingernails And Toenails Usually After Manicures Or Pedicures. Image Source: Istock

​Designs The Decorative Designs Used Range From The Subtle To Simple To Outrageous. Image Source: Istock

​Techniques Painting Sponging Stamping Taping Stencilling Etc Are Some Of The Techniques. Image Source: Istock

​3D Nail Art There Is Even A 3D Nail Art Which Is Created In A Mold And Then Glued To The Nails. Image Source: Istock

​Materials Used Acrylics Nail Gel Nail Polish Glitters Etc Are Some Of The Decorative Materials Used. Image Source: Istock

​Accessories Studs Rhinestones Plastic Bow-Ties Beads Dried Flowers Etc Are Some Accessories. Image Source: Istock

​Nail Shapes It Works On All Nail Shapes But Some Nail Art Looks Fab On Almond-Shaped Nails. Image Source: Istock