Killer Legs and Butt Workout


Squats for Sculpted Glutes: Engage your glutes and quads with 3 sets of 15 squats. Keep your back straight and go as low as comfortable.

Lunges for Toned Legs: Do 3 sets of 12 alternating lunges. Step forward, keep your knee at a 90-degree angle, and switch legs.

Glute Bridges for Firming: Lie on your back, perform 3 sets of 15 glute bridges. Lift your hips high, squeezing your glutes.

Donkey Kicks for Shapely Butt: On hands and knees, kick back one leg at a time for 3 sets of 12 reps on each side.

Wall Sits for Endurance: Hold a wall sit for 60 seconds in between exercises to boost leg strength and endurance.

Jump Squats for Intensity: Add 3 sets of 10 jump squats to raise your heart rate and torch calories.

Step-Ups for Defined Quads: Find a sturdy surface and do 3 sets of 12 step-ups on each leg. Side Leg Raises for Outer Thighs: While lying on your side, lift your top leg for 3 sets of 12 reps per leg.

Calf Raises for Toned Calves: Finish with 3 sets of 15 calf raises, holding onto a stable surface if needed. Stretch It Out: Don't forget to stretch your leg and butt muscles for 2 minutes to prevent soreness.