How to Order Coffee in France


5 Essential Tips on How to Order Coffee in France

Master the Basics: Start with "Un Café" - Ordering coffee in France is easy when you know the basics. Simply ask for "un café" for a small black coffee. If you want a larger coffee, try "un café allongé."

Specify Your Preferences: French coffee culture values customization. To get the coffee just the way you like it, add phrases like "S'il vous plaît" (please) and "Avec du lait" (with milk) or "Sans sucre" (without sugar).

Understand the Varieties: French cafés offer a range of options. For a strong espresso, ask for "un café serré," while "un café crème" comes with milk and "un café noisette" is a coffee with a dash of cream.

Embrace the Café Culture: In France, coffee is savored, not rushed. Enjoy your coffee at a leisurely pace while people-watching at a charming café terrace.

Don't Forget to Pay: In France, the price may vary depending on whether you sit inside or stand at the bar. Be prepared to pay when you order or when you finish, and don't forget to leave a tip, usually rounding up the bill.