How solar eclipse affects human health? | USA Oct 14, 2023


5 Ways the October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse Affects Human Health

Eye Safety Precautions: The solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, necessitates eye protection to prevent retinal damage. Staring at the sun during an eclipse, even briefly, can lead to permanent eye injuries.

Mental and Emotional Impact: Solar eclipses have been associated with heightened anxiety and mood swings. The sudden darkness during the day can trigger a range of emotional responses, from awe to unease.

Sleep Disruptions: Eclipse events often disrupt sleep patterns due to the unusual lighting conditions. Sleep deprivation can impact mood, cognitive functions, and overall well-being.

Enhanced UV Radiation Awareness: During a solar eclipse, UV radiation remains a threat even in reduced sunlight. Awareness of sun protection is crucial to prevent sunburn and skin damage.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance: Eclipses can hold cultural and spiritual significance for some communities. This can affect emotional well-being and lead to gatherings or rituals.