Hair Care : How To Care For Your Hair This April

How To Care For Your Hair In April

April Your Hair Feels The Change Of Weather Too. Around April It May Start Getting Dry Or Greasy. Image Source: Istock

Scalp Note How Your Scalp Performs In The Spring And Wash Your Hair Accordingly. Don’T Overdo It. Image Source: Istock

Mask Use Readymade Or Home Made Deep Conditioning Masks To Provide Nourishment Image Source: Istock

Pillow Use A Silk Pillow Case To Protect Your Hair From Damage Image Source: Istock

Before Wash Try Conditioning Before The Wash And After The Wash To Lock The Moisture In Image Source: Istock

Scarf Protect Your Hair From Dry Spring Winds Use A Scarf Image Source: Istock

You Dont Need To Condition Your Hair To Avoid An Oily Situation

If You Have Any Unresolved Issues You Should Consult A Doctor