Best Barbells for Heavy Lifting 2023 | According to Powerlifting Coache


Rogue Ohio Power Bar: Powerlifting coaches swear by this bar's exceptional knurling and impressive tensile strength, making it a top choice for squats and deadlifts.

Texas Power Bar: Known for its durability and stiff shaft, the Texas Power Bar is a favorite among coaches for bench pressing and heavy squats.

Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar: Coaches appreciate the precision engineering of this bar, ideal for Olympic lifts and high-intensity training sessions.

Kabuki Strength New Gen Power Bar: Designed with powerlifting in mind, this bar offers unique features like the "Duffalo" curve, providing better squat and bench mechanics.

American Barbell Mammoth Power Bar: Powerlifting coaches appreciate the aggressive knurling on this bar, ensuring a solid grip during heavy lifts.

EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar: Perfect for squats, the EliteFTS Yoke Bar minimizes shoulder strain and is a valuable tool for powerlifters focusing on lower body strength.

Ohio Deadlift Bar: This specialized bar is cherished by powerlifting coaches for its flex and whip, which aids in deadlift performance and grip strength.

Sorinex Safety Squat Bar: Coaches recommend this bar for its ergonomic design, reducing stress on the shoulders and upper back during squats.

Westside Power Bar: Known for its versatility, this bar is favored by coaches for its ability to handle a wide range of powerlifting and strength training exercises.