Avoid These 5 Common Hair-Washing Mistakes To Prevent Hairfall

There Are 5 Common Hairwashing Mistakes To Avoid

The Way Of Washing Is One Of The Causes Of Hair Fall

Application Of Harsh Shampoo Applying Sulfate-Free Shampoo Helps In Keeping Your Tresses Soft And Helps In Retaining Moisture. You Should Avoid Using Very Strong Or Harsh Shampoo.

Washing With Hot Water Using Hot Water Is Something That Many Women Do During Winter. The Expert Urges You Not To Use Hot Water Because It Absolutely Dries Up Your Hair And Creates A Lot Of Frizz.

Using Single Towel There Should Be Separate Towels For Your Hair And Body. The One For Your Mane Should Be Very Soft. Don’T Rub Your Hair With Friction As This Might Lead To A Lot Of Hair Breakage And A Lot Of Frizz.

Not Applying Conditioner Application Of Conditioner Can Prevent Hair Fall. You Can Apply Conditioner On Damp Hair And Rinse It Off After Some Time. To Avoid Breakage Try Detangling Your Hair Beforehand.

Not Washing Hair Oil Properly Many Women Prefer To Apply Hair Oil Before Hair-Wash Which Is Not Bad. However There Is Also Pollution And Dust So If A Little Bit Of Oil Remains In The Hair It’S Going To Attract More Dust And Dirt. Try Using A Good Conditioner And Serum For Your Hair.

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