4 Pushup Variations to Pump Up Your Workout 2023


Standard Pushup – Start with your hands shoulder-width apart. – Maintain a straight line from head to heels. – A classic move that builds upper body strength.

Diamond Pushup – Place your hands close together in a diamond shape. – Targets your triceps for sculpted arms.

Wide-Arm Pushup – Widen your hand placement beyond shoulder-width. – Engages your chest muscles for a broader upper body.

Incline Pushup – Elevate your feet on a sturdy surface. – Focuses on the upper chest and shoulders.

Decline Pushup – Elevate your hands on a stable platform. – Emphasizes the lower chest and triceps.

One-Arm Pushup – Balance on one hand while lowering your body. – Challenges your core and builds unilateral strength.