10 Makeup Tips For Beginners

There Are 10 Makeup Tips For Beginners

Good Makeup Starts With Healthy Skin

Less Is More Begin With Minimal Products And Gradually Build Up. Start With A Light Coverage Foundation Or A Tinted Moisturiser To Avoid A Heavy Cakey Look.

Invest In Quality Tools Quality Brushes And Sponges Can Make A Big Difference In Your Makeup Application. A Blending Sponge And A Few Basic Brushes Are Essential.

Concealer Technique Apply Concealer After Foundation & Target Specific Areas Like Dark Circles Or Blemishes. Blend Gently To Avoid Disturbing The Foundation Underneath.

Perfect Your Eyebrows Defined Eyebrows Frame The Face. Use A Brow Pencil Or Powder To Fill In Sparse Areas Following Your Natural Brow Shape.

Neutral Eye Makeup Start With Neutral Eyeshadow Shades. Apply A Lighter Shade On The Lid And A Slightly Darker Shade In The Crease And Blend Well For A Polished Look.

Eyeliner Practice For Beginners Opt For Pencil Or Gel Eyeliner. Apply It Close To The Lash Line For A Natural Look And Practice Steady Hands For Even Application.

Mascara Magic Curl Your Lashes Before Applying Mascara To Open Up Your Eyes. Apply Mascara From The Base To The Tips For Length And Volume.